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Leveling Kits

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Your factory truck is engineered with the rear higher than the front to anticipate heavy loads in the back. Not all truck drivers need that extra height and in fact experience a less pleasant driving experience because of it. Similarly, the installation of heavy aftermarket accessories on the front or rear can negatively impact performance. A leveling kit is a practical solution that solves stance problems, whether factory made or brought on by additional weight. 

Contact Motion Tire and Wheel about installation today. We carry suspension leveling kits from leading brands for customers throughout Ridgecrest, CA, Lone Pine, CA, Bishop, CA, Lake Isabella, CA, California City, CA, and surrounding areas.

Stay Local: Leveling Kit Services in Ridgecrest, CA

There's no need to go far for great deals on leveling kits or proper leveling kit installation. We've been in business since the 1980s and hold a reputation for excellence spanning over 30 years. Visit our automotive service center today for peace of mind during your leveling kit install. If you have any questions, our knowledgeable staff is available to help.

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Why Should I Install a Leveling Kit?

Here are a few ways you'll benefit from a leveled truck:

  • Improve Stance: Most trucks and SUVs come from the factory with the rear two or three inches higher than the front. A leveling kit corrects this imbalance by raising the front of the vehicle to the same level as the rear. Leveling kits generally provide a 1"-2" lift, with some options offering more height.
  • Install Bigger Tires: Leveling kits provide additional ground clearance for larger tires and wheels
  • Affordable Price: Leveling kits are generally less expensive than lift kits

Leveling kits may include coil springs, strut extensions, and torsion keys to level out your vehicle’s suspension. Call (760) 375-3423 if you have any questions on our product inventory.

When you're ready to correct truck stance or need some extra ground clearance up front for bigger tires, talk with our team.

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Phone: (760) 375-3423
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Address: 120 S Warner
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